Printbot Simple Upgrades Coming

So I’ve been caught up with life outside 3D printing recently, yet have not forgotten about it. Printrbot has also had some great deals going on and I am taking advantage. First, Printrbot posted on their twitter page about a new upgrade they are ready to release. It is a plastic extruder. They decided to give away the first 50 or so for free in order to get some feedback. I was lucky enough to get on their website at the right time and grab one. I have the old style aluminum one right now, not the v2, so this will be quite the upgrade. Taken right from, it provides a “longer extension arm for easier filament loading, and tighter tolerances for flexible materials.” It was supposed to arrive today, but looks like USPS had an incorrect estimated arrival (don’t even get me started on USPS and the trouble I have had). I will post pictures and more information on the install when it gets here.
I have also been thinking about getting the x-axis upgrade for my Printrbot simple. Jumping on their site to snag the free plastic extruder, and checking out as fast as I could as to not miss the freebie deal, I didn’t add on the x-axis. Turns out, it was a good move. Printrbot sent out a 15% off coupon code today. Well, as you might have guessed, I just placed my order for my x-axis upgrade with heated bed, along with some ABS filament. I cannot wait to get this.
I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of some offers in the past few days from Printrbot and am extremely happy. Thank you Printrbot. Pictures and updates to come soon!

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