Project: Quadcopter

It’s been a little while due to some traveling for work and for pleasure.  I wanted to start up a project on here that will be based off a 3D print, but will involve other electronics.  Since I’m also a bit of a quadcopter nerd, I feel as though it’s time to create a 3d printed quadcopter.  I will be working with models from 

So to start off, what do I know about quadcopters?  I currently own two quadcopters, the Estes proto x and the LaTrax Alias.  I’ve been flying for only a few months here and there.  I have never taken either apart, or done any work on them aside from changing out propellers.  I’ve flown a few others such as the Hubsan x4, but nothing huge.  So to make it short, I have very limited experience with quadcopters. 

What am I looking for in this project?  Firstly, I want to build something that has, or at least supports, larger motors in order to lift heavier objects.  The specific object I am interested in is my Gopro camera.  I am not looking to build something huge.  Huge, to me, is the size of the DJI Phantom.  I want something closer in size to my LaTrax Alias.  I am also limited by my print area on my Printrbot Simple Metal (6x6x6), at least for now.  The last thing I am really looking for is just a way to learn more about the ins and outs of RC quadcopters in general.  Going with a 3D printed chassis will also give me the ability to add on easily for things like FPV in the future.  

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