Halloween: 3D Printed Pumpkins

Halloween is only about a week away, and the 3D Printing Newb is getting ready by 3d printing some pumpkins.  This is a very popular design downloaded from thingiverse by a group called Makies.  There are also a bunch of remixes to this pumpkin that you can find along with remixes of just the lid.  The picture above shows the 3d printed pumpkin in full size and at 50%.  The full size pumpkin has a remixed lid that snaps on while the 50% pumpkin has the original lid.  If you have created a 3D Printed Pumpkin, let us know by linking to it in the comments.

3D Printed Pumpkin by Makies
3d Printed Pumpkin Remixed Snap-On Lid


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